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A: NDP ticket application window is open from 00:00Hrs SGT, 23 May 2019 to 23:59Hrs SGT, 2 June 2019. You may apply for tickets through the following methods:
• Web application portal on the NDP website
• AXS station
• SAM kiosk
A: Successful applicants will be notified via email on 24 June. For collection of tickets, successful applicants have to produce the QR code included in the email notification and original photo verification e.g. NRIC, student’s pass or driver’s license.
A: As Singapore commemorates its Bicentennial, the NDP will be held at the Padang where many key events in Singapore’s history were held. It will be a special NDP that will reflect how far we have come and our common aspirations for Singapore.
A: Funpacks will be distributed to attendees of NDP 2019 during the events. Also, do look out for contests where you could win Funpacks by participating in them!
A: There will be road closures to facilitate the proceedings of the event. For information on the location and timing of the road closures, please refer to
A: You may contact us via email at or our hotline at 1800-637-2019 (1800-NDP-2019). The operating hours for the hotline are Mon to Fri - 9:00am to 6:00pm.
  1. This year’s National Day Parade (NDP), themed “Our Singapore”, calls on Singaporeans to come together and be pioneers of our future. In line with the forward-looking theme, the NDP 2019 Funpack will include practical and reusable items to encourage more sustainable practices, as well as feature a versatile design that allows for dual use.

  2. Each Funpack will include a 750ml sports water bottle designed with a hands-free spout, and reusable bamboo drinking straws that can be used as clappers during the NDP. The inclusion of these reusable items is in support of the local campaigns “Say YES to Waste Less” and “Year Towards Zero Waste”1.

  3. To encourage everyday use of the Funpack after the NDP, this year’s Funpack will feature adjustable straps that allow it to be carried as a backpack or sling bag. The Funpack will also come with a reflective strip for enhanced night visibility, two internal pockets, and a water-resistant inner lining, so that the Funpack can be used for a wide range of activities.

  4. Chairman of the NDP 2019 Logistics and Finance Committee ME6 Ignatius Tham said, “Every year, the Funpacks are a highlight for NDP attendees. Since 1991, there have been many interesting and memorable Funpack designs. This year, we are glad to be able to deliver to the public a versatile design that can fulfil a multitude of uses. We hope that NDP attendees will continue to reuse them for day-to-day activities, even after the NDP.”

  5. The Funpack, designed in partnership with the Temasek Foundation, can also be used as a “Stay Prepared” Emergency Ready Bag2.

1 These campaigns are led by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) respectively, sharing a focus on reducing consumption of disposables.
2 The Ready Bag aims to raise awareness among Singaporeans about the importance of having a ready bag of essential items that can be brought along in the event of an emergency home evacuation.

The National Day Parade (NDP) first featured the Funpack in 1991, and it has been a highlight at every NDP since then. The Funpack comprises interactive items to evoke a celebratory mood among the spectators, and in recent years, also serve to support the special effects during the NDP show. In addition, the Funpack also contains basic sustenance and welfare items to energise spectators throughout the NDP.


The NDP 2019 Funpack will be available in red or white, and feature adjustable straps, allowing it to be carried as a backpack or sling bag.


To encourage more sustainable practices, the Funpack will include practical and reusable items. Each Funpack will include a 750ml sports water bottle designed with a hands-free spout, and reusable bamboo drinking straws that can be used as clappers during the NDP. Unused ponchos will also be collected after each NDP rehearsal and Preview, to be given out at the next rehearsal/Preview. The Funpack also has a versatile design to encourage everyday use after the NDP.

Emergency Ready Bag

One of the possible ways to reuse the Funpack is as a “Stay Prepared” Emergency Ready Bag. The Emergency Ready Bag, designed in partnership with Temasek Foundation, aims to raise awareness among Singaporeans about the importance of having a ready bag of essential items that can be brought along in the event of an emergency home evacuation. Each Funpack contains a label on the recommended essential items to pack for such an Emergency Ready Bag as well as two QR codes that will launch the websites of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for more information on preparing a Ready Bag, and the Singapore Red Cross Society for details about a free CPR and AED course.

NDP Funpack Items

The items in the NDP 2019 Funpack are as follows:

Sustenance Items Publication Items
  • Mineral Water
  • Biscuits
  • Bread
  • Muffin
  • Chips
  • Souvenir Magazine
  • Discount Booklet
  • Interactive Items Miscellaneous Items
  • Face Tattoo
  • Miniature Flag
  • Bamboo Straws
  • Wet/Dry Tissue
  • Disposal Bag
  • Disposable Poncho
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sun Visor/Fan
  • Mosquito Patches
  • Luggage Tag
  • A6 Document Holder
  • Parade Commander
    1. Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Alvin Choo Weng Kwai is currently the Commander of Operations Group, Naval Diving Unit. 44 years old this year, he completed his Naval Diving Class II course as an NSF in 1996 and commissioned as a Naval Officer in 1998.

    2. In 1997, LTC Choo was awarded the Singapore Armed Forced (SAF) Military Training Award to train and study at the Australia Defence Force Academy. In 2011, he attended the Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College as part of its inaugural batch of graduands where he graduated as a Distinguished Graduate.

    3. Throughout his many years of service, LTC Choo held a range of appointments, including Course Commander of the Midshipman School at SAFTI Military Institute, and the Commanding Officer of the Patrol Vessel RSS Brave. He also held the appointment of Parade Commander in the SAF Day Parade in 2016, and at the Singapore International Maritime Review in 2017.

    4. LTC Choo has been awarded the SAF Long Service and Good Conduct (20 years) Medal, and the SAF Overseas Service Medal in recognition of his service.

    Parade Regimental Sergeant Major
    1. Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Chong Wee Keong is currently serving as Brigade Sergeant Major, 3 Division Artillery. 43 years old this year, he enlisted in the Singapore Army in 1996.

    2. In 2016, MWO Chong attended the prestigious United States Army Sergeant Major Academy, where he also attained a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies during his academic course. Throughout his years of service, he has completed various courses, including the Basic Airborne course, Army and Joint Warrant Officer Course, Army Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major Course and Joint Advance Leadership Programme.

    3. During his 23 years of service, MWO Chong has held a range of appointments, including Regimental Sergeant Major of the 23rd Battalion, Singapore Artillery, and Branch Head for Training and Audit in Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command.

    4. MWO Chong has been awarded the Efficiency Medal (Military), the SAF Long Service and Good Conduct (20 years) Medal in recognition of his service.
    1. The NDP 2019 Parade and Ceremony (P&C) segment will feature a total of 38 contingents, comprising four Guard of Honour contingents, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Colours Party, the Combined Band, six SAF and Home Team contingents, 10 uniformed youth group contingents, and 16 social and economic contingents.

    Guard of Honour Contingents

    2. Each of the four Guard of Honour contingents comprises 72 personnel, a Contingent Commander and a Second-in-Command. The participating units are:
    Service Unit
    Singapore Army 1st Commando Battalion
    The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Naval Diving Unit
    The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Air Power Generation Command
    Singapore Policy Force (SPF) Police Training Command

    SAF Colours Party

    3. The Colours are awarded in recognition of achievements in the field of combat, training, administrative efficiency and service to the community. The State Colours (Singapore Army, RSN and RSAF) incorporate the design of the State Flag with the Service Crest imprinted on the bottom right-hand corner. The State Colours are carried by three State Colours Ensigns accompanied by three State Colours Escorts. The Regimental Colours will display the logos or crests of their respective formation or units. The Regimental Colours are carried by 35 Colours Ensigns accompanied by 35 Colours Escorts. Together, the Colours represent the pride and loyalty of the servicemen to their units, formations, and Singapore.

    4. The 35 Regimental Colours on Parade in NDP2019 are :

    Service Unit
    Army Army Intelligence
    Headquarters Commando
    Headquarters Medical Corps
    Headquarters Maintenance and Engineering Support
    Headquarters Singapore Artillery
    Headquarters Singapore Combat Engineers
    Headquarters Signals and Command Systems
    Headquarters Supply and Transport
    Imagery Support Group
    SAFTI Military Institute
    SAF Military Police Command
    40th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment
    41st Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment
    42nd Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment
    48th Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment
    1st Commando Battalion
    1st Battalion, Singapore Guards
    3rd Battalion, Singapore Guards
    1st Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    2nd Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    3rd Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    4th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    5th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    6th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    8th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    9th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment
    RSN RSN Headquarters Fleet
    RSN Maritime Security Task Force
    RSN Naval Diving Unit
    RSN Naval Logistics Command
    RSAF Air Combat Command
    Air Defence and Operations Command
    Air Power Generation Command
    Participation Command
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Command

    Combined Band

    5. The Combined Band contingent for NDP 2019 comprises up to 105 participants from the SAF Band, SPF Band, National Police Cadel Corps (NPCC) and the Singapore National Cadet Corps (SNCC) Band. The NPCC Band comprises students from Swiss Cottage Secondary School.

    Supporting Contingents: Military Defence and Civil Defence

    6. Military Defence is centred on the ability of a strong SAF to deter aggressors and should deterrence fail, achieve a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor. Three supporting contingents, each comprising 72 servicemen and servicewomen and one Contingent Commander, come from the following units from the Singapore Army, the RSN and the RSAF:
    Service Unit
    Army 12 Command Control Communications Computer and Intelligence
    RSN Maritime Training and Domain Command
    RSAF Air Combat Command
    Air Defence and Operations Command
    Air Power Generation Command
    Participation Command
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Command

    7. Civil Defence focuses on the safety, security and essential needs of Singaporeans during times of peace, civil crises and emergency. The SPF and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) contingents, each comprising 72 participants and one Contingent Commander, will be representing the pillar of Civil Defence:
    Service Unit
    SPF Police Training Command
    SCDF Headquarters Singapore Civil Defence Force
    Civil Defence Academy
    National Service Training Institute (SCDF)
    1st Division
    2nd Division
    3rd Division
    4th Division

    8. This year, the SAF Volunteer Corps, SPF Volunteer Special Constabulary and the SCDF Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit will be marching together to form the first-ever SAF and Home Team Volunteer contingent. This contingent will be joining the other five supporting contingents to represent Military Defence and Civil Defence in the parade.

    Supporting Contingents: Youth Uniformed Groups

    9. The Youth Uniformed Group contingents represent Singapore’s youth and embody our nation’s future. These 10 contingents consist of 36 participants and one Contingent Commander each, and comprise the following youth uniformed groups:
    • Girl Guides
    • The Boys’ Brigade
    • The Girls’ Brigade
    • National Cadet Corps (Air & Sea)
    • National Cadet Corps (Land)
    • National Police Cadet Corps
    • Singapore Scout Association
    • St. John Brigade

    Supporting Contingents: Social and Economic Groups

    10. 16 civilian contingents, each comprising 36 participants and one Contingent Commander, represent the social and economic defence groups. Together, these civilian companies and organisations showcase how far Singapore has come in both social and economic aspects.

    Social Contingent Economic Contingents
    • National Healthcare Group
    • Nanyang Polytechnic
    • One Team Singapore
    • People’s Association Youth Movement
    • People’s Action Party (PAP) – PAP Community Foundation
    • PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
    • Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
    • National Trades Union Congress
    • One Changi
    • Keppel Group
    • Koufu Group Ltd
    • LiHO TEA™
    • OSIM International Pte Ltd
    • PSA International Pte Ltd
    • Sembcorp Marine Ltd
    • Singtel

    Air Participation

    11. Air Participation within P&C consists of four segments – (i) the State Flag Flypast comprising one CH-47D Chinook helicopter and two escorting AH-64D Apache helicopters; (ii) a Salute to the Nation, performed by five F-15SG fighter aircraft in a bomb burst formation; (iii) a Flypast featuring the A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport and two F-15SG fighter aircraft; and (iv) an aerial display featuring two F-15SGs performing a Shackle manoeuvre followed by one F-15SG executing a high-G turn and vertical climb.
    Drawing on familiar lyrics from songs in the NDP repertoire – ‘We Will Get There’ and ‘Our Singapore’, this year’s theme song pays homage to the contributions and sacrifices of earlier generations as we are today living the dreams of our pioneers. We are now pioneers of our future, as we continue to build Singapore for tomorrow.

    Featuring an intergenerational cast, the theme song symbolises passing on the baton of nation-building from one generation to the next, where today, we are living the dreams of our pioneers, just as our generation is the pioneers of our future. The song comprises carefully curated verses sung by 27 artistes representing different generations to express their generation’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.

    Lyrics to Our Singapore (2019)

    Verse 1 – Sung by Veterans

    Remember the days, we set out together with faith?
    Remember the times, so fine, when we thought that
    Nothing could stand in our way?
    Then things weren't the same, the life that we knew had to change
    We've struggled through, the darkest storms
    We thought we couldn't tame


    Verse 2 – Sung by Contemporaries

    Through many years gone by, we've moved ahead together
    We've built a brave new world where we could shine and grow
    And now we only have to look towards tomorrow
    To carry on the dream as far as it will go

    So now we look around us and we see
    A nation built with love by you and me
    A land to treasure right down to the core
    Our home, our heart, our Singapore

    Our home, our heart, our Singapore

    Verse 3 – Performed by Rappers

    To my people of the future
    We built it for the ones that dream
    Hand in hand we make our land
    Our home, the place to be
    From young to Gold, our stories unfold,
    Moments like these will speak
    Words that last forever, worlds that come together
    To show that we're all the same
    We'll break the chains, to make a change
    Burn bright, our lion city flame

    Verse 4 – Sung by Homegrown Icons

    And amazing as it seems
    It all started with a dream
    But the dreaming isn't done
    Because the best is yet to come

    Our home, our heart, our Singapore

    Verse 5 – Sung by Children

    Deep in my heart I just know
    Right from the start, we will grow
    Look where we are, we've come so far
    And there's still a long, long way to go
    With all of my heart, I will care
    I'll play my part, I will share
    With family and friends, together we'll stand
    And in the end, hand in hand
    We will get there


    Our home, our heart, our dream.

    Profiles of 27 Theme Song Artistes


    Brian Richmond
    Brian Richmond is a veteran DJ who has been on Singapore radio since 1971. Brian is a familiar voice to many generations of Singaporeans, and continues to host radio programs today.

    Pan Xiu Qiong
    Pan Xiu Qiong was celebrated for her song "Lover's Tears", amongst many of her other hits in the 1960s and 1970s. She has been known as “Queen of Alto” because of her voice.

    Tracy Huang
    Also popularly known as Huang Yingying, Tracy Huang became a household name across Asia in the 1970s and has many successful albums in both English and Mandarin under her name.

    Rahimah Rahim
    Born and raised in a family of celebrities, Rahimah Rahim became a child star at age six. Rahimah Rahim has been part of Singapore’s entertainment scene since the 1960s and is still active to date.

    Louis Soliano
    Jazz musician Louis Soliano was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 2018. His storied career since the 1960s has seen him perform with many world renowned artistes, including legendary jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong.

    Jacintha Abisheganaden
    A familiar face on Singapore TV, Jacintha first came to prominence in 1976 when she won a local television talent contest, Talentime. She was also a judge on the popular TV series, Singapore Idol. She sang the National Anthem live in NDP 2002.

    Ramli Sarip
    Credited as one of the founding fathers of Singapore's rock scene, Ramli and his band held many sold out concerts in the 1970s and 1980s. He was a vocalist in the 2011 remake of the NDP-favourite song, Home.


    Stefanie Sun
    Lauded as "Queen of Mandopop", singer-songwriter Stefanie is one of Singapore's most successful artistes. Stefanie is a familiar face in NDP, having sung the theme song in 2001 and 2002.

    JJ Lin
    Wayne Lim Jun Jie, better known as JJ Lin, has been prominent star in the Mandopop industry since the early 2000s, JJ Lin also performed theme songs Home in 2004, and Our Singapore in 2015.

    Charlie Lim
    An alumnus of the Music and Drama Company, Charlie Lim rose to prominence in the local music scene since 2011. Charlie Lim also performed the theme song for NDP 2018, when he wrote the preface for NDP classic We Are Singapore.

    Aisyah Aziz
    Aisyah Aziz rose to prominence in 2013 after participating in reality TV singing competition Akademi Fantasia, and has picked up numerous accolades at the regional Malay music awards show. She also performed NDP 2018's theme song, the remake of We Are Singapore.

    The Sam Willows
    The Sam Willows is a homegrown band comprising Benjamin Kheng, Jon Chua, Narelle Kheng and Sandra Riley Tang. The Sam Willows opened the NDP 2015 show in the Padang with a rendition of Home.

    Taufik Batisah
    Taufik Batisah was the first winner of the inaugural edition of singing competition, Singapore Idol. He had also performed the NDP 2005's theme song, Reach Out for the Skies, with Rui En.

    Shabir was the inaugural winner of singing competition Vasantham Star in 2005. In 2012 he wrote and composed "Singai Naadu", the National Day Parade 2012 Tamil song.


    Sheikh Haikel
    Sheikh Haikel is a rapper and radio personality who is no stranger to Singaporeans growing up in the 1990s and 2000s. He has also performed for past NDPs, and was part of the remake of Home in 2011.

    The Lion City Boy
    Kevin Lester, known by his stage name The Lion City Boy, had lent his vocals to the NDP 2018 theme song, We Are Singapore and performed at the NDP 2018 show.

    Shigga Shay
    Pek Jin Shen, better known by his stage name Shigga Shay, is a rapper and film-maker. He has performed at NDP several times, including 2014 and 2015.

    Yung Raja
    Rajid Ahamed, also known as Yung Raja, is also known for rapping bilingually in English and Tamil.

    Fariz Jabba
    Muhammah Fariz Abdul Rashid, also known as Fariz Jabba, is known for rapping in Malay and adding local humour and cultural references in his songs.

    Danial Bawthan, also known as Wheelsmith is a rapper-beatboxer. Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was four years old, Wheelsmith continues to pursue his talent to put together his own music.

    Homegrown Icons

    Dick Lee
    Dick Lee, singer-songwriter, playwright and film director, is an icon of Singapore. He has helmed the role of Creative Director for NDP in 2002, 2010, 2014, 2015, and will reprise the role again for this year’s NDP. He is also the composer of Home, We Will Get There, and Our Singapore.

    Kit Chan
    Kit Chan, singer and actress, is a veteran of NDP and no stranger to Singaporeans. She has anchored numerous performances in NDP, and was the first artiste to perform NDP favourite Home in 1998.


    Syah Riszuan (13 years old), Nurjannah Qurratul’ Farhaien (12), Caitlin Tan (11), Heema Izzati Zainudin (13) and Jordin Tan (11) previously participated in ChildAid, an annual music event organised by The Straits Times and The Business Times that raises funds for ST's School Pocket Money Fund, and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.
    NDP 2019 Theme and Logo

    The theme "Our Singapore" commemorates our Singapore bicentennial and allows us to tell Our Singapore story from past to present. “Our” emphasises the collective ownership of Singapore. We are living the dreams of our pioneers, and we are now the pioneers of our future.

    The logo features the lion and elements of the national flag.

    The lion is symbolic of the name “Singapura”, first given by Sang Nila Utama 700 years ago.

    The crescent moon and five stars, elements of the national flag, are also embedded into the logo. 2019 also marks the 60th anniversary since the first unveiling of the national flag in the City Hall steps at the Padang in 1959.

    One Integrated Show Concept

    NDP 2019 will tell Singapore’s story from past to present through an integrated show concept that aims to rally Singaporeans by celebrating the shared values that forged our nation. The show will also depict our values, such as resilience, perseverance and community, passed on from generation to generation that helped to build a strong and united Singapore. Each segment of the show will connect the audience back to the NDP theme “Our Singapore”, and inspire Singaporeans to take ownership of our country's future and build an inclusive home for all.


    The prologue will kick off the show with a dynamic and upbeat number. Performed by over 900 youths and children from TOUCH Community Services, Republic Polytechnic and various other academies, the prologue will feature several song items and a combined schools marching band. A segment titled ‘Our Bicentennial’ will also feature during the prologue, where the Padang will play host to a parade of floats featuring Singaporean organisations with histories dating back to the 19th century that had played a part in building various aspects of Singaporean society. This nostalgic segment will highlight how these organisations have grown alongside and contributed to Singapore and Singaporeans over the years.

    Act 1 – Our People

    Our People will showcase men and women from all walks of life participating in the Parade and Ceremony segment. About 2000 participants from different sectors will come together to display a dignified parade that expresses strength, self-determination and unity. Volunteers from the Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team will make their inaugural appearance as a marching contingent at NDP. The segment will also feature a Combined Drum Band performance comprising drummers from the SAF Band, Singapore National Cadet Corps Band and Tanglin School to deliver a synchronised and precise performance. The aerial display, happening during the Parade and Ceremony segment, will also feature the Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft making its inaugural NDP flypast.

    Act 2 – Our Strength

    The Mobile Column returns to the Padang this year, 50 years after its first appearance in 1969. Showcasing platforms from the Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team, the Mobile Column will demonstrate Singapore’s readiness to defend and secure our home. It will also highlight our strength in contributing to peace and security in the region and the world.

    Act 3 – Our River

    Our River will celebrate Singapore’s colourful and rich multicultural heritage. The audience can look forward to a kaleidoscopic display put together by 400 dancers from People's Association. This act will feature traditional ethnic dances to showcase how Singapore's vibrant society draws strength from our multiculturalism.

    Act 4 – Our Nation

    Our Nation will be an emotive act that explores the stories of different Singaporeans through the medium of film. Interspersed with a spirited dance item by 600 youths from Singapore SOKA Association, the stories will feature protagonists who have shown courage and strength in overcoming their fears and challenges, reaching out to their fellow countrymen and ultimately playing vital roles in building an inclusive and caring society.

    Act 5 – Our Dreams

    Our Dreams will draw on the voices of Singaporeans across generations to depict that we are now living the dreams of our pioneers, and that we have an important role to play as pioneers of our future. This act is anchored by an electrifying performance comprising 900 students from MOE. Our youth’s courage to dream wondrously will come to life in a majestic and awe-inspiring form in this act.

    Act 6 – Our Singapore

    Our Singapore will round off NDP 2019 with a live performance of the theme song by a multi-generational line-up comprising artistes across generations. The audience will then recite the pledge and sing the national anthem together, before a display of fireworks to mark the conclusion of the show.
    1. The National Day Parade (NDP) will return to the Padang on 9 Aug 2019 to celebrate 54 years of independence and to commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial. This year’s NDP theme, ‘Our Singapore’, calls on Singaporeans to come together and be pioneers of our future.

    2. Sharing the inspiration behind the theme, Chairman of the NDP 2019 Executive Committee Brigadier-General Yew Chee Leung said, “As Singapore commemorates our bicentennial, the theme for this year’s NDP is ‘Our Singapore’. We tell our Singapore story, from past to present, and we also look together to our future… We remember the contributions of early generations of Singaporeans and we continue to build Singapore for future generations.”

    3. NDP 2019 will be staged as one integrated show, comprising a total of six Acts that will relate to the theme "Our Singapore". Highlights of this year’s parade include the inaugural participation of the Singapore Armed Forces and Home Team Volunteer contingent in the Parade and Ceremony segment, the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Multi-Role Tanker Transport participating in the NDP aerial display for the first time, and the return of the Mobile Column with new assets such as the Singapore Army’s Next-Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle. There will also be a special segment, titled “Our Bicentennial”, that will feature organisations from the 1800s that contributed to building various aspects of Singaporean society.

    4. This year, to bring NDP to the masses, the mobile column will also be brought to five heartland sites on 10 August 2019. The mobile column will be travelling to Bishan, Geylang Serai, Jurong East, Punggol, and Woodlands, where there will also be carnivals organised by the People’s Association. The one-day celebrations will culminate with dazzling fireworks displays at each of the five sites.

    5. Singaporeans are encouraged to join the NDP 2019 conversation by uploading photographs, well-wishes, reflections or stories on their personal social media accounts using the hashtag #NDP2019, as well as tagging official NDP accounts – Facebook ( and Instagram (@NDPeeps). Singaporeans can also visit NDP social media accounts via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube ( for interesting information on NDP.

    6. NDP 2019, organised by Headquarters Armour with agencies from the private and public sectors, will involve about 15,000 participants, volunteers and personnel behind the scenes and on stage.
    1800-NDP-2019 (1800-637-2019)