A Little More

As we celebrate National Day this year, let us reflect on our past and show gratitude to the generations before us who have contributed to the success of Singapore. Let’s do our part to build a more caring and inclusive Singapore, where we support one another by giving and caring a little more in our everyday lives. Together, this spirit of giving and caring will allow us to be pioneers of our future together, as we continue to build Singapore for future generations.

On 5th July 2019, Service users from National Heart Centre Singapore and Jamiyah Home for the Aged were chaperoned to our new Singapore icon, Jewel Changi. A partnership between NDP 2019 and Changi Airport Group, the event saw service users guided by CAG docent and NDP 2019 volunteers to the iconic Rain Vortex and Canopy Walk.

Chairman of the NDP 2019 Executive Committee, Brigadier-General Yew Chee Leung, participated in the event and shared a wonderful afternoon together with the service users.

The event epitomizes the spirit of gratitude of Singaporeans towards our pioneers. Through #ALittleMoreSG campaign, the campaign hopes to inspire Singaporeans to step forward and volunteer their time and/or treasure.

To find out more on how you can Care a Little More and Share a Little More, you can also reach us at our email alittlemore@ndp.org.sg

Under the #ALittleMoreSG campaign, this year NDP cheer was further extended to Changi Prison, where 30 inmates volunteered to give A Little More by packing 50,000 funpacks as their contribution to this year's National Day. Working closely with Yellow Ribbon Project and Very Special Arts (VSA), the programme brings together people from different background and promotes greater inclusivity as we celebrate National Day. 

In these funpacks, it includes greeting cards designed by seven VSA students, mentored by artist Barry Yeow, an ex-offender. The VSA students designed the cards with their idea of what Singapore meant to them and it also contains well-wishes to Singapore from the inmates.

To find out more on how you can Care a Little More and Share a Little More, you can also reach us at our email alittlemore@ndp.org.sg

We will be celebrating National Day with the Singapore Anglican Community Services. This activity raises awareness on Mental Health. We encourage Singaporeans to care a little more for people with mental health conditions.

Play is for everyone regardless of age or ability. “We Play” aims to promote greater social inclusivity through sports and games for everyone with and without disabilities. Through inclusive sports, persons with disabilities will be able to widen their social circles and enjoy experiences with the community. This helps improve their physical and emotional well-being and encourages them to pursue and achieve their dreams.


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