National Day Parade 2019 Theme

The theme “Our Singapore” commemorates our Singapore bicentennial and allows us to tell Our Singapore story from past to present. “Our” emphasises the collective ownership of Singapore. We are living the dreams of our pioneers, and we are now the pioneers of our future.
Our Singapore (2019)
Drawing on familiar lyrics from songs in the NDP repertoire such as ‘We Will Get There’ and ‘Our Singapore’, this year’s theme song features Singaporean musicians across four different generations. The song comprises carefully curated verses sung by 27 artistes representing different generations to express their generation’s hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The theme song pays homage to the contributions and sacrifices of earlier generations as we are today living the dreams of our pioneers. We are now pioneers of our future, as we continue to build Singapore for tomorrow.

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27 JULY 2019
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3 AUG 2019
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9 AUG 2019
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National Day Parade

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National Day Celebrations @ Heartlands

This year, NDP will bring the mobile column to five heartland sites on 10 August 2019. The mobile column will be travelling to Bishan, Geylang Serai, Jurong East, Punggol, and Woodlands, where there will also be carnivals organised by the People’s Association. The one-day celebrations will culminate with dazzling fireworks displays at each of the five sites.


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